Six strangers die.  At the same time.  And they’re heading to their final destination.  On a tram.

Ambitious businesswoman Julia is desperate for answers.  Ramses the boxer is looking for his wife, as young mum Natalia searches for her daughter.  Introverted Dylan tries to keep the peace, while teenage rebel Elle stirs up trouble.  Amidst this mess, bouncy Lukas is simply happy to be there.  But these six characters are not alone.

They are being escorted by their ever-watching, all-knowing guardian, Wings; a presence who has been with each of them since birth.  He knows everything there is to know about their lives: each and every secret…
  Now imagine if you had the power to give life back to one person. Only one. Who would you choose? And why that person and not one of the others?
 Could you choose…?


Running time: 1hr 25min (includes Q&A with actors after performance)

Genre: Drama

Language: English

Age Recommendation: 15+

* Ideal for people learning English!

Our plays do not contain offensive language and they are suitable for most people.

We also run workshops before some of our performances. And the workshop really allows you to get to understand and appreciate the play even more! Immediately after every performance, the cast and crew return to the stage to share their stories about the production and give you the opportunity to ask them questions.

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