The ETTC delivers many “Acting workshops” and a unique “Learn English through drama” workshop to schools, individuals and companies.

Introduction to Acting:


Becoming an Actor (parts I, II, III):

Learning English through drama:

Learn English through drama

Introduction to Acting

Introduction to Acting is a fun, informative and engaging workshop, aimed to provide a basic introduction to the acting profession. The workshop is recommended to everyone interested in an acting career, or it’s great for people looking to gain techniques to enhance their day to day communication skills.

(This workshop also works as a great ice-breaker for groups!)

Becoming an Actor

The Becoming an Actor course is in 3 parts, and acts as a taster of drama school training, a broad introduction to the craft of acting, and acting as a profession.

Becoming An Actor is aimed at those currently outside the industry, but will provide a similar level of training as is given to professional actors.

During the course you will work with both contemporary and classic texts, exploring ways of approaching plays and developing character, motive and a compelling performance. You will grow in confidence, learn to trust others and gain skills that can be applied to rehearsal and performance.

Content includes key elements of actor training including voice, movement, character, scene and text work, improvisation and audition technique. The course is taught in a way that aims to replicate closely the professional rehearsal room and the self-discipline, creative risk-taking and professional work ethic involved in being a professional actor.

All workshops will be taught by ETTC’s artistic director and company members.


For improvisation – you don’t need theatre experience and you don’t need to be a “funny person.” Just come in ready to have a good time! ‘Improv’ is an amazing way to help people connect with each other and have a reignite their sense of play.

We love sharing the powerful tools and techniques of this art form with others and it’s a skill that can benefit everyone! That’s why we created a workshop that focuses on providing the best quality course content in a learning environment that is safe, supportive, respectful and responsive to students needs.

For those seeking a career in the arts, to those wishing to develop communication or storytelling skills, or those who want more creativity, play and laughter in their life, improv is for you!

This workshop will explain the core elements of improvisation: “Giving and taking”, “Blocking”, “Opening up”, “Leading” and “Following”.

Brief overview of parts I, II, III

Part I

This first part of your journey has been structured to prepare you for everything you can expect when you become an actor. You will explore the 6 most important areas that will help you understand, practise and improve.

1; Building a Character. 2; Voice and Speech. 3; Learning Lines.

4; Rehearsal protocol. 5; Perform a scene. 6; Audition technique

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